Best Cordless Battery Operated Blenders 2020 Reviews

Are you drink fresh juice daily but you are worried about how to make fresh juice when you are on vacation so best cordless battery operated blenders are one of the main kitchen gadgets which every traveler needs for a different purpose.

You can make your favorite shakes and fresh juices full of proteins when you are on vacation with the use of battery powered blender because on vacations, eating outside the home is not worth for your body and it is costly too so pick the portable blender with good battery life is necessary for those who are diet conscious.

These cordless battery powered blenders come with built-in batteries which can easily be charged via USB port so you can charge these blenders through your cars, laptops and power banks.

Most of the wireless battery operated blenders are light in weight which you can easily pick when you are planning for some camping trips but there are so many models available in the market so it is a big challenge for everyone to pick the best product.

Therefore, we researched alot especially for travelers or those who pick these types of blenders for their workout in the gym, and make a top list so everyone can easily pick the best one according to their budget. All of these are comes under good product reviews and top features brands in kitchen appliances.

List of Top Rated Best Cordless Battery Powered Blenders in 2020

Best Portable Blender Battery Operated

1. PopBabies Personal Blender for Smoothies

PopBabies Personal Blender for Smoothies

Portable blender is easy to be carried anywhere because of its handy size as it has a jar of 14 oz only so that you can blend and get fresh, tasty, healthy shakes or drinks whenever you need it. You can carry it to the gym, for travelling, to the office, to outdoor picnics or trips and can be used at home as well.

Unlike other portable blenders you don’t have to wait with this device if it is low on charge as it can be used while being on charging and this feature makes it a better option as compared to other of its competitors.

In order to save your time from cleaning and to allow you to spend this precious time with your family, it is made dishwasher safe and can be easily washed. Not only this but keeping your health prior is made with food grade material which means it is free from all kinds of harmful chemicals .

The cup can be separated from the machine which makes it more portable to carry with you anywhere which weighs only 0.49lb with grade marks so you can control the portion if you are diet conscious.

Similarly, having this you don’t need to transfer the drinks to other cups as the jar can be used as the cup too which ultimately safe your time and cleaning.

Portable blender is also a safe option as it comes with built in blades and small opening making it best to be carried in travelling bags and for children too as they won’t reach the blades.

Buying this item ,you also get a mini ice tray free specially customized to make mini ice cubes for this blander as it doesn’t support normal ice cubes and a small funnel opening makes it easy to pour fruits in order to make smoothies, drinks or shakes.

If you are in urgent need of your personal shake but there is no charging in the blender, you don’t need to wait for 2-3 hours to get it charged fully as it can be used even being on charging not to make you wait.


  • Blend even being on charging
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 20 drinks with one charging.
  • Detachable jar with 0.49lb weight.
  • 14oz available volume.
  • Food grade material for healthy drinks.
  • Mini ice cube tray .
  • Funnel mouth to make it safe and easy to use.

Best Wireless Blender for Smoothies



Blender X cordless home is an amazing device as it can convert even ice cubes, chunky dry fruits, and frozen items into small pieces or can crush them with 6 times more powerful as compared to other USB blenders.

It has the most long-lasting battery with a single charge and can work for longer hours having its own copyrights. It has won the best Portable Blender 2020 by Cuisinebank as it can work both as a home and outdoor blender and what makes it do so is its handy size which helps it to be placed anywhere without clutter or mess and easy to keep.

Being a USB blender, it doesn’t need any socket or outlet so can be placed far from switches too and can be cleaned easily.

Having such a portable device you can enjoy fresh homemade and healthy frozen drinks, shakes, or smoothies even when you are far from home for camping, boating, pool, near beach everywhere.

Similarly, it is the best for young ones as they have a fragile digestive system so now you can always provide them healthy food and can be sure about their health issues.

You also get a water-resistant travel bag for this blender so you can be sure about its safety traveling to far areas and the bag comes with extra storage allowing you to keep some of your important things with it and the shoulder strap makes it easy for you to carry anywhere.

Blender X gives you 2 years warranty on all of its components so if any of the parts get defected within 2 years company will give you free repairing.

Keeping your health on priority the jar is made with Tritan plastic which is free from all sorts of harmful chemicals such as BPA, lead, phthalate.

You get very sharp Food Grade stainless steel blades helping it to work more perfectly as per your requirement and the stainless steel motor base with a rubber foot to make it non-slippery and you also get an easy travel lid allowing you to carry the drinks anywhere.

With the space of 20oz in the jar, you can make many drinks per blend. This amazing device is very easy to use as you just need to press the pluses button and press it till you get your required consistency.

You can get either chunky or smooth texture. If you are making baby food for your little one, you can make it as smooth as you want, and for the elders, you can make frozen drinks with ice cubes.

The jar has measuring indicators so that you can make the required balance for the shakes and it never compromise your health because it is made up of Titian plastic-free of chemicals which can harm you with BPA, lead, and phthalate and this same feature makes it best for baby food.


  • Can crush ice cubes and frozen items.
  • 6 times more powerful than other blenders.
  • Long-lasting with a single charge.
  • Take less space.
  • No outlet required.
  • Best for outdoor tours.
  • Modern and stylish look.
  • 20 oz space in the jar.
  • Made up of chemical-free plastic.
  • Powerful food grade stainless steel blades.
  • Stainless steel motor base.
  • Rubber foot to make it non-slippery.
  • 2 years warranty on each component.

Best Battery Operated Hand Blender

3. G-TING MS-8 Personal Smoothies Blender Cordless

G-TING MS-8 Personal Smoothies Blender Cordless

This portable blender is the perfect choice as it is made up of BPA free plastic keeping your health on priority and food grade stainless blades make it work faster than others and all of these qualities make it the best choice for you with its ability to make smoothies, juices, shakes, baby food etc.

For making the cleaning easy and safe, the company has made an amazing setting that if you are cleaning and has removed the lid blender won’t turn on even if you have pressed the button accidently. In order to make the blender work, you have to put the lid on otherwise it won’t work at all.

Buying this amazing blander you get 6 stainless steel blades working fast with the help of a powerful motor making it rotate at the speed of 16500 rpm and with this speed any of your drink or purees can be prepared within 40 seconds.

Portable G-TING personal blender comes with a 3000mAh rechargeable battery which can be charged within 2-5 hours and once it is fully charged, it can make 15-20 drinks. Not only this but you can charge it with different sources such as it can be charged with your phone charger, power bank, laptop etc.

It is very best thing to carry it with you if you are health conscious as the travel lid helps you to carry it anywhere with you and a long lasting battery helps you to use it when you need it so you get fresh drinks every time everywhere as in gym, while travelling, at office etc.

This amazing mini food blender is made up of grade glass which is chemical free material for the health sake of you and your family from harmful material such as BPA with 304 stainless steel blades making it work with good safety .

High rotation with six stainless steel blades helps the juices , smoothies or shakes to combine and blend better. It also enhances the taste of your drink or baby food satisfying you.

G-TING portable blender has an in-built battery of 3000mAh charged within3-4 hours and can make up to 20 cups of drink and once battery is low it can be charged easily with any charging source such as USB charger, power bank or laptop and the list goes on.


  • BPA free material.
  • 6 Food grade stainless steel blades.
  • Lid for safety measurements.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can rotate on 16500 rpm.
  • Make shake within 40 seconds.
  • 3000mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Takes 2-5 hours for full charging.
  • Can be easily charged with USB, phone, laptop, power bank charger.

Best Portable Rechargeable Blender

4. Cuisinart CSB-300 Rechargeable Hand Blender with Electric Knife

Cuisinart CSB-300 Rechargeable Hand Blender with Electric Knife

Cuisinart CSB-300 is a wireless rechargeable blender that allows you to work even when you can not access the socket or electricity in order to make homemade food accessible even on travelling. Once you charge it fully, it can work up to 20 minutes without resting and can give you amazing results of blending.

This amazing device comes with a powerful battery of 7.4 Amp lithium ion which is upgraded with a quick charge feature allowing you to charge it in less time as compared to other cordless hand blenders so you may not spend your precious hours in the kitchen but with your family.

You are given 5 different speed settings with it so you may get your required results for food for example if you are making smoothies or baby food, you can set it on the highest mark and can get the fine blending. But if you need a rough and chunky blending, set it as per required consistency and get the perfect results.

CSB-300 has a long rod of 8 3/4 inches which is made up of stainless steel allowing to be used in long pots so the mixture may not fell out to make clutter on your table counter and design blade is of 3” and this size helps you to make blending fast and easy.

Power handle is made up of stainless steel too to guarantee it being durable and this is the part where the power button is so you can handle it anytime you need to.

Buying this device you also get a 2 cup chopper to other chopping such as nuts, cheese, garlic or herb with its sharp blades within no time. This chopper is also cordless so make it easy for you to handle your cooking.

You also get an electrical knife with an automatic lock which is given for the safety measurement so that if you are cleaning or not using it, you can lock it. This sharp knife can be used for cutting hard things like meat or the perfect slicing of soft items such as tomatoes.

All parts of this blender are made up of BPA free material so that you can use it for your babies and family being sure about their health and a pouch to keep this safe for a long time as you get a warranty of 3 years.


  • 7.4 Amp rechargeable battery.
  • 5 speed settings.
  • Long slim 9” shaft.
  • Commercial 3” design blade.
  • Power handle with stainless steel plate.
  • 20 minutes run time on each charge.
  • 2 Cup chopper with sharp stainless steel blades.
  • 4 Cup measuring cup made with BPA free material.
  • A pouch for safety measurement.
  • Sharp knife with lock.

Best Cordless Immersion Blender

5. All-Clad Cordless Rechargeable Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

All-Clad Cordless Rechargeable Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

All-Clad cordless hand blender comes with an adjustable setting of 5 numbers in order to give you perfect results of blending whenever you are using it for your ease.

This device comes with a 1500mAh battery made up of ION which makes it even last longer up to 9 minutes of continuous usage to give perfect and good results of blending with one charging.

It has a safety lock to give you a sense of additional security so you may clean it with ease as many customers think that it may get started while cleaning so lock it when not in use.

For making it easy to use, you are given an easy power button on the handle and you can easily turn it on and off anytime. Similarly, the shaft is made up of stainless steel and can be separated to make it easy to clean as well.

Buying All-Clad cordless blender you also get a charging base to make it ready for other use.

You get an easy 5 speed cordless immersion which provides a speed equal to a blender of 600 watt cord blender giving you accurate results of your choice every time you need it.

This blender is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe and in case if you want to clean it by hand, the shaft can be separated from the stainless steel handle which also has the control button on it.

For safety measurements cordless blender has a safety lock which safe you from getting hurt when not in use. It is also helpful to make perfect baby foods and purees with more blending and chunky food with less blending for demanding children.

Using this amazing device you can experiment and try new dishes for your family within a few minutes as it can make creams, fruit sauces, puree and sweet smoothies with just one touch which is not only tasty but healthy as well.


  • 5-speed settings.
  • 1500 mAh ION battery.
  • Can work up to 9 minutes with one charge.
  • Easy power button.
  • Easy to handle with one hand.
  • Stainless steel shaft which can be separated for cleaning.
  • Comes with a safety lock.
  • The package includes a charging base.

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