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Top 7 Best Japanese Toaster Oven Reviews 2021

We all have seen the videos of Japanese products making your everyday life easy through their gadgets. Now they have brought in the best Japanese toaster oven. To change the game completely inside your kitchen, you get to set it through a single wire and cook delicious food in a few minutes.

Bread lovers have to see this as they tend to start your day with a fresh and perfectly made slice. They always come in great sleek and minimalistic designs. Being simple to use and easy to clean up afterward is essential for any busy household with limited time! These small yet powerful Japanese Toast Ovens take the guesswork out of cooking. By creating perfectly browned toast every time, your hunger pangs are put to rest.

The cord wraps around on either side so it can be stored easily without hassle or taking too much space in your kitchen cabinets. Not only does this Toast Oven have an excellent sleek look, but it also makes cleanup very easy. There are no crumbs that get stuck inside as other brands do. 

The Japanese Toaster Oven is designed to fit into tight spaces. It has a crumb tray that slides out from the front of the oven. Racks are also adjustable, so you can cook more than one type of food at once if desired. You can choose from the different settings and kinds of bread to cook.

Such ovens are a small appliance that allows you to toast bread and bake food. It also has functions such as warming, defrosting, or reheating certain foods if they are frozen. A Japanese Toaster oven provides all of these features with its unique designs. For heating the inside evenly, your meal happens to come out perfectly every time.

List Of Top Rated Best Japanese Toaster Oven

  1. BERMUDA the Toaster BALMUDA K01M-WS
  2. Mitsubishi Electric bread oven TO-ST1-T retro brown Toaster
  3. IRIS OHYAMA EOT-R1001-PA Toaster Oven
  4. BRUNO Toaster Grill BOE033-WH
  5. TIGER Toaster Oven” YAKITATE” KAM-G130-R
  6. MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A from Japan
  7. TIGER Toaster Oven” YAKITATE” KAK-A100-W

1- BERMUDA the Toaster BALMUDA K01M-WS


We all want toast for our breakfast and sandwiches for evening snacks also; for this purpose, BALMUDA introduced amazing quality Japanese Toaster for easy toasting and other purposes.

K01M-WS is not only famous for toasting but also due to its steaming process. It comes with steam technology which creates a thin steam layer for toasting and another food making.

You need to add 5cc of water to create the layer of steam. At the point when the steaming interaction starts, within the bureau gets filled. To make steaming conceivable, a little segment on top of the broiler must have water inside.

Also, you get 4 different modes like a sandwich, pizza, toasting bread, and pasta; these modes help you make any of these with just one rotation.

Three temperatures have arrived at 350, 400, and 450 degrees F, so you can bake whatever you want at these temperatures.

Moreover, this steam toaster oven is unique and compact in design. Therefore, you can keep it in your kitchen cabinet due to its small size or even on your kitchen shelf.

One on/off rotating switch allows you to operate the toaster oven easily. Utilizing a similar dial to set cooking modes, you can set the temperature up to 450°F, and the greatest time is 15 minutes. You can select any of these timers to bake or toast your bread. 

Furthermore, you get one baking pan inside the toaster oven to bake pizza or bread. Through the toasting rack, you can toast the bread or sandwich in amazing flavors.You can remove all the parts and place them again easily, although a manual `is given for your help.


  • Steaming technology.
  • 4 modes (pasta, pizza, bread, and sandwich).
  • 3 temperatures (350, 400, and 450 degrees F).
  • 1 to 15 minutes for baking.
  • Compact in size.
  • 5cc water adding cup.
  • Baking try, toasted rack, and one manual.

2- Mitsubishi Electric bread oven TO-ST1-T retro brown Toaster

Mitsubishi Electric bread oven TO-ST1-T retro brown Toaster

Mitsubishi Electric’s famous for providing Japanese electric products, and all their items are worldwide famous for their amazing features and good quality characteristics.

For example, oven TO-ST1-T retro brown Toaster contains unique shapes and settings also; you can bake a complete sandwich or toast inside this.

It comes with one start/ stop button for two operations. You can start the TO-ST1-T retro brown Toaster through the start button and stop baking or toasting anytime.

The temperature is 260 degrees that is the best to bake yummy pieces of bread for breakfast or snacks.

It’s intended for Japanese-style square bread and formed more like a waffle producer; consequently, its clamshell configuration doesn’t function admirably for rolls or loaves.

Nonetheless, it can deal with cheddar or an egg on the cut, and it is intended to be utilized at the feasting table, not the kitchen counter.Moreover, you get various settings like you can make your bread fluffy, crispy, and many more according to your demands.

In addition, you can choose the thickness of your bread, for example, extraordinary for thick, handcrafted sourdough or slender English toasting bread and your cooking settings are various, toast, frozen toast, fixings notwithstanding, or French toast, and many more.

After stimulating a couple of catches, close the top, venture back, and let the broiler toast away.Also, the cooking features are many, and you can toast your bread with an egg or cheddar on top, prepare your bread for stuffed French toast, or fresh that frozen portion of Texas toast to commend your reality well-known bean stew.


  • Baking and toasting are both settings.
  • Start/stop button.
  • 5 bread baking settings.
  • The various sets of bread shapes.
  • 260-degree temperature and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

3- IRIS OHYAMA EOT-R1001-PA Toaster Oven

IRIS OHYAMA EOT-R1001-PA Toaster Oven

We as a whole need toast for our morning meal and sandwiches for evening snacks; for this reason, IRIS OHYAMA presented an astounding quality Japanese toaster oven for simple toasting and different purposes.

Oven”ricopa” EOT-R1001-PA is very compact and can be easily found online or in the market. This best versatile broiler for heating cakes arrives in a smaller size and has amazing settings and features.

It includes a stove entryway with a review clear glass window and two turning handles. Through the glass window, you can easily keep an eye on your food during baking.

The two control handles are utilized to pick among 4 force levels somewhere in the range of 250 and 1000 Watts and to set up the stove clock somewhere in the range of 1 and 15 minutes.You can set any of these timers or temperatures according to your food demand.

It comes with a baking pan to bake the cake or any other food items to fulfill the craving. The compact Toaster has a little limit and can work at 250, 500, 750, and 1000 Watts.

Moreover, its profundity of 22 centimeters makes it ideal for toasting 2 bread cuts immediately.

Likewise, a heating dish comes included to plan different little cakes and different dinners and treats inside the broiler.Moreover, It is reasonable to barbecue and accompany a barbecuing rack, permitting you to try and plan little pizzas inside.

The rack is not as difficult to eliminate for washing, just as the morsel plate. It gathers all the food dribbles and scraps inside the stove to forestall untidy ledges.

You can change the settings to get ready various food sources inside. Furthermore, you make one heat dish inside the Toaster to prepare pizza or bread.

Through the toasting rack, you can toast the bread or sandwich in stunning flavors. You can eliminate every one of the parts and put them again effectively, albeit a manual given for your assistance.


  • 1 to 15 timing settings.
  • 250 to 1000 watts temperature setting.
  • Toasted grill and baking pan.
  • Ideal for baking and toasting.
  • Compact in size.
  • Easy to clean.

4- BRUNO Toaster Grill BOE033-WH

BRUNO Toaster Grill BOE033-WH

BRUNO Toaster Grill BOE033-WH (White) contains amazing design and good features for cooking or baking for your small meal.

This white toasting oven is smaller than the usual stove and barbecue and varies from other barbecue toasters in the manner it opens up.

By eliminating the top, you can likewise utilize this unit as a barbecue. In addition, the second control handle can also be utilized to set up the concocting clock for 30 minutes for exact cooking.

The morsel plate and the barbecuing rack are not difficult to eliminate for cleaning with water. The cavity of the open-top Toaster is likewise simple to clean once the rack is taken out.

Moreover, the upper method of the Bruno toaster opens upwards, and it is planned like a pivoted cover on a pot. The chest area likewise has a review glass window and two sides handle for conveying the baking or toasting of your food as per your wish.

Your food will become moister and yummy after baking or toasting in the BRUNO Toaster Grill BOE033-WH.The Japanese Toaster likewise includes two going handles to set up the cooking program.

The principal control dial lets you pick between cooking programs with lower or upper warming components and asynchronous upper and lower radiator settings.

To assist you with beginning with this unit, you will get a booklet with 8 plans included.

By picking among upper and lower warming components or turning them both on, you can set up a wide assortment of toasted and barbecued food sources. In addition, you get one baking pan inside the Toaster for baking a variety of cakes and cookies.

The grill can be used for toasting and grilling the bread, chicken, and other food items.


  • Both Toasting and grilling feature.
  • Glass window and carrying handle.
  • 2 Knobs for setting.
  • 30 minutes timer.
  • Upper and lower side baking.

5- TIGER Toaster Oven” YAKITATE” KAM-G130-R


TIGER Toaster Oven” YAKITATE” KAM-G130-R (Red) ovens are not too big or too small in size; instead, you can place them anywhere you want.

Moreover, due to its amazing unique, and compact design, you can keep it in your kitchen to increase the beauty and interior of your cooking area.

Yakitate” KAM-G130-R arrived in a very elegant red color, and you will automatically attract to its all features.Measurements of these toasters are 13.8″ x 13″ x 8.8″. It weighs about 8.16lb.

It arrives in an appealing red tone. The bundle incorporates a preparing rack, heating plate, and scrap plate that are largely removable and simple to clean.

By backing rack baking of food items, you can also bake pizza, cake, and many other items in very little time to make your life stress-free.

You can remove all parts very easily and can place them again with the same comfort. In addition, this Toaster has a simple to-clean development so that you can wipe away any buildup.

A wide glass entryway empowers you to check your food whenever during cooking.Moreover, the force supply is 100V, and the force utilization is 1300W. Therefore, the clock switch can be set for as long as 30 minutes.

It had programmed closed-off capacities and advised you when you prepared the food. All food item demand different time and temperature according to their cooking capacity so that you can set any of them.

Once the timer is complete, it will automatically turn off the cooking process. The temperature started from 80 degrees to 250 degrees, and you can set this temperature by just rotating the switch.

A huge inside space with a width of about 11.8″ and a profundity of 10.4″ can fit a 10″ pizza.A removable rack comes from the toaster oven full distance so your food can chill while as yet being on the rack.


  • Weight is 8.16lb.
  • 80 to the 250-degree temperature setting.
  • 30 minutes timer.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Baking tray, crumb, and rack.

6- MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A from Japan

MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A from Japan

You must buy MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A from Japan if you love different toaster ovens.This upward Toaster is space-saving. It includes a white outside with a dark glass entryway.

Through this glass, you can easily check your food situation and keep an eye on the entire cooking process. Also, a moderate plan matches current kitchens.

It highlights two easy to utilize dials, and these dials provides all type of settings you want for toasting or baking.It comes with the inside highlights of two rack places that empower cooking adaptability. Included two plates naturally pull out when you open the entryway.

You can remove the grill anytime you want and keep our food for the grilling and baking process. These are easy to remove and can wash with water or soap.

The amazing inside light permits you to check your food during preparation, so you do not need to leave your food inside the darkness; instead, check the food during the preparation process.Moreover, the 20-minute clock has a programmed stopped capacity that keeps food from being overcooked.

Just set the timer and leave the work on the MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A. You can set warming relying upon a rack you need to utilize.

Settings incorporate 300W, 400W, 700W, 1,000W, and through these, set the temperature according to the food.The force supply is 100V which is better than other toaster ovens you can find in the market. The Muji toaster highlights 4 degrees of warmers for your ease and convenience.

In addition, you can heat food, toast, cook, or prepare. Since it cooks quickly, it’s energy-proficient and will save you time and electricity both.You can spend your spare time with your family and friends.


  • 2 racks with two grilling tries.
  • 4 degrees of warming.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 20 minutes timer setting.
  • Duel feature (toasting and baking).
  • Save time.
  • Easy to use.

7- TIGER Toaster Oven” YAKITATE” KAK-A100-W


TIGER Toaster Oven” YAKITATE” KAK-A100-W (White) is famous for its different designs and features for many cooking preparations.

It is very compact but can cook many items at once in the toaster oven. It comes with one grilling rack to grill or bake food items, and also, the racks are easy to remove to make it cleaning easier.You can place the rack anytime, and due to good quality material, not food will stay on the rack.

Moreover, two settings in the name of timing and temperatures allow you to select from them; in addition, a timer is 1 to 15, and it will automatically shut off after the timer is completed.Temperature is starting at 490W and end at 1000W, so you can bake yummy foods with good taste.

It has 4 legs under the toaster oven to provided non-slipping. Through a glass window, check your food while baking and easily turn it off whenever you think your food preparation is completed.This is one of the conservative and simple to utilize Japanese toasters on the lookout.

It is totally simple, and its conservative size toaster oven implies that you can fit it in the smallest kitchen space.It is an extremely engaging toaster oven when you take a gander at it, and it will do well in your kitchen.

This machine will permit you to change the nuclear energy dependent on the thing you are cooking. It includes an infrared radiator at the top.

It has an iron framework molded like a net. This one permits you to prepare the food things equally.You will get a removable crumb plate that makes cleaning simple.


  • Compact in size;
  • 1 to 15 timer.
  • Easy to utilize.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Unique in design.
  • Very affordable.

Best Japanese Toaster Oven Buying guide

Getting your food ready in minutes is now as easy as pie. With efficient Japanese toaster ovens, you can munch without delay. The user needs to understand the spec sheet of these products, so he does not overdo anything.

Instant heating:

There is no present about this product as it instantly heats up for faster results. A heftier lasagna is waiting for you. Do not let that breadstick get hard or mushy. Serving the right amount of heat is special about this machine. It only needs to be plugged in first.

Temperature management:

You can set the temperature with the help of a dial or dimmer. If you have chosen a more digitized version, you can see buttons on it. Set the required heat level to make your food crispy, soft, but not too much and more.


For the time that has been set, a ding or similar sound can be heard. This is to let you know that you are ready for some snacking.

Visible door:

Having a door that can let you see through the machine is genius. See what is happening inside or if your meal is properly ready if the timer has not come up yet. You can stop it right away or adjust the time limit according to what you see.


Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to carry. So you can travel or take it to your grandma’s house for some exciting new pies and other recipes. 


There are preset settings for various bread types like Croissant, bagel, breakfast bread, breadstick, etc., each of these needs different heat levels, atmosphere, and timing to be cooked well.


Your machine must be easy to clean. For that purpose, there is a crumb tray present in most of the models. This way, the leftovers are not stuck to the insides of your oven. Instead, they gather in a tray which can be cleaned easily afterward.

How to choose the best Japanese toaster oven:


The more extras your item has, the more adaptable your cooking alternatives are. Also, you can make various food items through these attachments.All convection fan toasters will accompany no less than one heating plate and rack.

In any case, for the greatest adaptability for making dinners, rotisseries sticks for chicken or Japanese are an amazing expansion, similar to the piece plate to make cleaning simpler, and a pizza prospect yourself on the weekend to make your weekend more enjoyable.

With various frill, you might find that you utilize your Toaster significantly more than your full-size broiler.

If you are buying a toaster oven with a steam cooking feature, it has one cup to add water but the most common toaster oven has a baking try, grill, and manual to make utilization of the product easier.


There is a variety of toaster ovens you can find in the market with different sizes, but you have to buy any of them according to the size of your family or the food you demand.

Toasters can have a truly minimized size with a limit of no greater than 2 cuts of toast, while others will want to fit in two enormous pizzas and more than 10 bread cuts immediately.

To get the best one for you, ensure its measurements fit your kitchen space and your family’s requirements to fulfill their needs.If searching for a model for singles and couples, a 2-cut toaster may be sufficient.On the off chance that the unit is excessively enormous, it very well may be lumbering and decrease the space for other food prep.

It can likewise restrict the trip or vacation choices, assuming you need to take your Toaster an extended get-away in your RV or to your late spring cabin.

Easy to operate:

You always purchase electric appliances to reduce your workload and make your cooking faster.So always try to buy any Japanese toaster oven focus on its operating system.

If you think you can easily use then go for this one. To ensure the stove is not difficult to work, you should pay special mind to the accompanying highlights.

Make a list of different brands and read all their features then make any dissuasion. Initially, ensure its capacities and controls are named and that the screen show is not difficult to peruse.

Other than that, the control board ought to be natural to utilize, so you don’t invest a ton of energy tracking down the ideal setting.


Toasters regularly use somewhere in the range of 1200 and 1800 watts of force when working, and this demonstrates how high the temperature will reach, just as how long it will require to cook.It can assist you with choosing the best Toaster for your necessities comparative with the sort of food you need to cook.

For example, if you utilize your stove for toasting bread, you may not require an excessively strong one. Notwithstanding, for frozen pizza, prepared merchandise, and bigger food varieties, including entire chickens, then, at that point, a choice with high wattage will be awesome.


Contingent upon what you need from your Toaster, having a wide scope of projects will give you an assortment of choices regarding preparing your number one suppers.

A toaster is valuable for toasting bread, yet assuming you need to accomplish more than that, picking a model, especially a savvy stove, with toast, prepare, sear, and comparative presets will upgrade your cooking potential.

These projects and presets will take a great deal of the mystery out of preparing your food, permitting you to set and neglect while as yet guaranteeing brilliant outcomes.

Temperature and timer:

You get numerous toasters with countless astonishing highlights and distinctive planning with temperature settings.

The most widely recognized timings are 1 to 30 minutes, and you can utilize them for some food things to heat or toasted.

Little and smaller Japanese Toaster gave temperature up to 750w and work 1000w which is sufficient for some food things whether you need to make cake or pizza.

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