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Best Personal Ice Crushing Blenders for making smoothies 2021 Reviews

People are always enjoying the cold smoothies which make with crushing the ice like margaritas that’s why they need the best blenders for crushing the ice cubes and makes the chilled smoothies in the hot season.

Blenders which comes with a great powerful motor of a minimum of 1000 watts is enough for crushing the ice for making the delicious chilled smoothie in the summer but picking the right blender according to your range is a time taking process for many people who are not good in researching.

But for picking the best blender for crushing the ice we make a top list of which covers all those features which every buyer needs and check like how much watt motor they have and which type of design comes in these machines.

Just check our top list and read the reviews of these products then select the best one according to your needs and give us a valuable feedback which also help the other users.

List Of Top Rated Best Blender For Crushing Ice Cubes 2021

  1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender (BL660)
  2. Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender (BL610)
  3. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional
  4. Vitamix A3500 Brushed Stainless Blender
  5. Clean blend 2001 Commercial Blender – 64 Oz Countertop Blender 1800
  6. Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender (58870)
  7. Kitchen Aid KSB1575ER 5-Speed Diamond Blender

1- Ninja Professional Countertop Blender (BL660)

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender (BL660)

Ninja introduce one amazing countertop professional blender for ice crushing purpose and for many more. You can easily blend your favorite fresh or frozen ingredients in seconds without any effort.

This blander provides you one 1100 –watt motor which makes drinks processing easier. Proficient, powerful kitchen instruments make it simple to squash ice and beat any item.

Ninja Blender BL660 comes with one jar for blending and crushing .it can convert solid ice into powder form and its 72.oz capacity is more than enough to make smoothies and drinks for a huge family.

Set of 6 stainless steel sharp blades are amazing for chopping, blending, or crushing purposes. You can easily twist these blades and can clean this easily.

An incredible engine joined with the Pro Extractor Blades Assembly separates entire foods grown from the ground for creating, full nutritious juices.

You get 2 extra16 ounce jars with this product for keeping your drinks aside or take your drinks anywhere for. Although you get two lids with these 2 for keeping your drinks or smoothies fresh for further use.

All parts of these products are removable and adjustable so you can wash them in the dishwasher easily. Also this entire blender is completely free from harmful chemicals like BPA.

Because of its compact size, you can easily fit this in any cabinet or anywhere in the kitchen. Your family can enjoy their favorite smoothies with chef style at home.

Moreover, you are provided one power button for easy on and off also 1 single-serve button through this you can prepare anything for one person not only this there is a pulse button with 1 to 3 numbers for low medium and high speed. So you can operate this blender with your one touch.

With this Ninja Professional Blender, you can make all your number one beverages, plunges, smoothies’ dips, and dressings within seconds.


  • 1100 watt motor
  • One jar with lid (72.oz)
  • 2 cups with lids (16 ounce)
  • One power button with pulse settings.
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free.
  • Single-serve and low to high-speed buttons.
  • Set of 6 sharp stainless steel blades. 

2- Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender (BL610) – Cheap blenders for Crushing Ice

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender (BL610)

At the point when we talk about a decent blender it’s not just about the quality it’s likewise about the look, highlights, and execution. A blender ought to be a finished bundle for this ninja brings the best ice crushing for you.

Ninja BL610 ice crushing blender is a great version of your kitchen top as its smooth and one of a kind plan fits in all sort of inside without making it look odd. 

The engine of this expert blender is 1000 watts that are sufficient to mix frozen fruits and other things additionally for your dishes or beverages. In this you can pour very nearly 64-ounce fluid for your longing food things.

the jar of this blender has a capacity of 72 ounces and for any blender, this much capability is more enough .it can make enormous clusters of velvety, frozen beverages, and smoothies for the whole family additionally ideal for huge groups of heavenly margaritas.

Treated steel gathering of 6 edges is ideal for smooth mixing for fresh to freeze strong things .additionally mixing is quicker and simpler when contrasted with another blender accessible at a similar cost on the lookout.

Cleaning is likewise significant and simple you simply need to take a moist cloth and clean the entire item here you go.

One-touch buttons are for snappy use so with this force button you can simply on the machine and with a setting button, you can change different settings .and with medium, high or low sped you can limit or boost the speed.

Besides this compact size of this product make this easy to keep in any cabinet or anywhere in the kitchen. Look of product is very versatile and stylish so you do not need to worry about the appearance.

You do not need to worry about the health of you and your family because this is free from all minds of chemicals like BPA.


  • 1000-watt motor with 64-ounce liquid capacity.
  • 72-ounce blender jars with lid.
  • Power, pulse, and self-control setting.
  • Group of 6 stainless steel blades.
  • BPA free and easy cleaning.

 3- Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional – Best for Ice Cubes

Vita mix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional

Vitamix is a company that is famous for quality blenders or food processors and if you are looking for a perfect ice crusher you are right place. Here you can get the best blender at the best price.

In this stunning Vitamix E310 blender this you can mix new or frozen things or can crush cubes of ice easily.

One BPA-free container is ideal for even and smooth mixing and crushing with a limit of 48 ounces which implies you can without much of a stretch make family suppers.

Because of its compact size, you can place this anywhere in the kitchen or can keep this in any cabinet.

Treated steel laser-slice sharp edges are to convey similar quality outcomes, from the main mix to last. These edges show up rapidly to make granulating heat, getting cold trimmings to steaming hot around 6 minutes or for crushing the ice in seconds.

For the speed feature, there is one on and off button for a quick start. 10 variable speed for minimum and maximum blending is provided like if you want low speed you can switch this on 1 or for medium speed turn this on 5 number or foe maximum last speed turn this on 10 number.

You can control the blending of your favorite ingredients with one hand.

Self-cleaning is the main part of this just adds warm water and liquid soup in this and turns the switch on and lets it clean by itself for at least 30 to 60 seconds .your clean blender is here.

Moreover tamper is also provided in this mainly tamper is a product which uses to push all ingredients toward the edges of the blade and provide more even crushing and blending.

You can make as many dishes and drinks as you want like salsa, hot soup, smoothies, shakes, dips, and dressings. You are also provided one BPA-free Container with 42 .oz capacity.


  • BPA free 
  • Jar with lid (42.0z)
  • Compact size with good look.
  • On and off button with 10 variable speed.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • One tamper and mini-book.
  • Self-cleaning in 30 to 60 seconds.

4- Vitamix A3500 Brushed Stainless Blender – Best for Smoothies and Ice

Vitamix A3500 Brushed Stainless Blender

if you are looking for an ice crusher cum blander you are in the completely right place because Vitamix is one of the famous companies for making the best blender for crushing ice in powder form without any human effort.

1500 – watt motor of Vitamix A35000 is so perfect for the purpose of blending and mixing. Not only this you can use this for chopping purposes also.

For an amazing setting, there is one power button for on and off purpose you can switch this button and can on or off your blander at any time. Also, there is a one-speed increasing button with this you can increase speed.

Five settings for specific dishes are also mentioned in this motor through this you can make dips, hot soup, smoothies, frozen ,items and spreads.

Auto adjustable blending timer is also given with this you can increase or decrease speed from one to 8 easily according to your demand in settings.

All parts of this blander are removable and self-cleaning is available which means you just need to add warm water and liquid soup inside this and turn the switch on for at least 30 to 60 seconds your clean blander is ready.

Now let’s talk about the harmful chemicals which are mostly used in plastics but this product is free from this kind of chemicals especially BPA.

The size of this machine is very compact and looks is very stylish so you can keep this in any cabinet or anywhere in the kitchen and it doesn’t look bad at all.

Moreover, there is one set of 4 sharp stainless steel blades in this for fine and even crushing, mixing, or blending. You can do all of these in just one product .which is very reasonable in price as compared to other blenders.


  • 1500 –watt motor
  • 4 stainless steel blades.
  • BPA free.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Compact size and stylish look.
  • On and off button with 5 multiple settings.
  • 1 to 8-speed adjustable settings.

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5 – Clean blend 2001 Commercial Blender – 64 Oz Countertop Blender 1800

Clean blend 2001 Commercial Blender - 64 Oz Countertop Blender 1800

The clean blend is a well-known name for making the best food processor and blender in the market while this time they introduce the best food processor in the shape of a blender for ice crushing purpose that is an amazing product to buy for your kitchen.

The driving force of this blender is 1800 watts due to such speed you can perform very remarkable performance or can crush even squares of ice.

There is an 8-sharp edge fixed metal roller edges for fine, blend, squash, heat, cycle, puree, or mix. With such amazing features in one product is essential to buy for your kitchen.

Also, there is a complete confirmation of 5 years warranty and a free multi 30-day exchange strategy, if there is any default inside 30 days you can restore this thing.

This thing is free from a wide range of dangerous chemicals like BPA moreover made of Triton plastic which is a safe material compare to other brands. A force is in like manner used for all the additionally blending.

Our business-grade blenders can make all that you require from a supplement rich smoothie to too much rich nutritious margarita.

One 64 ounce size compartment is likewise given with this to make countless beverages, plunges, or smoothies.

When we talk about the food possibilities in this container you can cleave new salsa, or can mix ice or freeze products of the soil, or can make smoothies with nourishment’s

Right when you need more improvement in your cooking task, you can without a doubt utilize preferable blender Clean Blend over the deal with a professional, business, or strong activities.

In like manner, there is one power on and off the catch with the most awesome or least speed level so you can pick between them and use them according to your demand.

It doesn’t take a lot of room on your kitchen counter and furthermore, you can put it close to any switchboard as it needn’t bother with a high voltage to work however just 110 volts which is accessible even in the regions with low electric force.


  • 1800-watt motor.
  • Removable and dishwasher safe.
  • On and off button.
  • A 3 horsepower
  • Maximum and minimum level.
  • 5 year limited and 30 days exchange warranty.
  • 1 container with a lid.
  • BPA free.

6- Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender (58870) – Best for iced drinks

Hamilton beach introduced you to one blander with so many features that make your ice crushing and another blending easier within no time.

You are provided a ground-breaking engine of 1500 watts or 20 Peak HP to help the entirety of its highlights, for example, mixing and hacking and for this reason, you are given a tempered steel sharp edge that turns at 105 mph so you can mix or slash every hard fixing.

Also, there is one jar with a capacity of 32 ounces which is enough for your family members. Some measurements are mention on this jar and if we take about the material they used clean plastic material in the making of this jar that is unbreakable.

Moreover, this is free from harmful chemicals like BPA. On the speed board you are given 4 one-contact projects, for example, a smoothie, ice pound, puree, and clean as well so you can get your necessary capacity inside no time.

On the other hand, you can also set the speed according to your need, you can set it as low as 3000 RPM and as quick as 18000 RPM from the manual switch.

You are surrendered with an alter made of a similar plastic to help you mixing frozen things and making awesome and thick smoothies. Fitted plastic made up of transparent plastic and space for tamper to be used.

All parts are easily removable so you can easily remove them and can clean them in a dishwasher .no human effort is required for the cleaning of this product at any stage.

You are provided with a 5-year warranty also if there is any default in your product you can get free service from the company. It is one of the best quietest blenders in our list.


  • Motor -1500 watt
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Stainless steel blades (105mph )
  • Transport lid with fitted quality.
  • 4 one-touch setting.
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Plastic jar with 32 .oz capacity.

7- Kitchen Aid KSB1575ER 5-Speed Diamond Blender – Best in Under 100

Kitchen Aid KSB1575ER 5-Speed Diamond Blender

Kitchen Aid (KSB1575ER) is a famous blender for ice crushing and all blending purpose. It comes with one amazing heavy watt motor that can blend or combine all fresh or frozen ingredients in one form.

This Speed Motor Control observes all elements and keeps up ideal speed to control through all fixings.

You can almost perform all tasks with this blender like chopping, mixing, blending, stir or liquefy.

One special button is mention on this with the name of ice crushing which means you can crush the ice with just one touch. Not only these 5 separate buttons are available for 5 different performances for example stir, chop, mix, puree, and liquefy.

For increasing the speed of this product you can easily use its 1 to a 5-speed increasing button so if you want low seep keep it on 1 or for medium speed keep it on 3 or for maximizing your speed keep this on 5. Yet you can easily control your speed with your one touch.

The precious stone mixing framework guarantees that all fixings mix together rapidly and effectively. A hearty engine, extraordinary one-piece, hardened steel cutting edges, and electronic controls meld to make an incredible vortex that is quick and intensive for uncommon mixing results.

The Soft Start Feature turns over the engine at a more slow speed to covert ingredients into the sharp edge at that point rapidly increments to the chose speed setting.

It also provided one container with the capacity of 60.oz so you can shatter or stain your drink our smoothies.

You can remove this anytime and can clean this in dishwasher safe .no human effort is required for cleaning this.

The remaining extensions of this blender are made of die-cast metal although you can clean this with just a wet wipe and can store this anywhere in your kitchen and because of its compact size, it can fit in any cabinet.

The manufacturer of this product provides you a 5-year limited warranty so you can exchange this or can get free company service within the limited time period.


  • Heavy watt motor
  • Plastic jar with a capacity of 60.oz
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • 5 years limited warranty.
  • Stainless steel sharp blades.

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