10 Best Portable Blender for Smoothies when Travel [2021] Reviews

Everyone likes traveling the world or seen the places which they have never seen before in city life and when you go on some trip then the portable blender is one of the best appliances which everyone needs during the journey.

Many of us use the blender for making some smoothies and shakes so when you are in traveling single-serve blender is the best choice for making your shakes and juices in breakfast.

These portable blenders are very light in weight and have enough power to blend your fruits or veggies and make a healthy juice for you.

Many gym trainers like to use this portable blender because they want protein shake before their exercise and with the help of this blender they can easily make their protein shake or juice.

These mini blender comes in many brands and the different power of the motor and everyone needs the perfect buying guide about best portable blender for traveling.

So we are here with the list of best portable blenders for making smoothies when traveling. This list contains different brands of food blenders where every brand or model has different features.

You can easily go through our list deeply and check which model suits you more according to your requirements and pick that one.

List of Top Rated Best Portable Blender for Travelling 2021

#1. COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

COSORI blender is such an amazing kitchen product with a fast-moving stainless steel blade, high-speed powerful motor that empowers 800 watts of motor that serves superbly to perform distinctive mixing.

Now having fresh juices, crumb, liquefy, morsel and condense food items, make a mint margarita, shakes, blended fruits, and vegetables, cold coffee, and grinded the ice at home by bringing this miracle blender.

It’s an efficient kitchen appliance that enables us to perform multi purposes functions effectively and efficiently. Also, spare your time and exertion to gives you a chance for making stunning meals for your loved one.

It’s a premium quality 6 stainless steel blades that make it durable and provide a centripetal force to mix the fixings in the careful manner as you desired. 3 blades edge blend veggies into most immersion.

Sharp edges are easy to shatter solids while blunt edges are quite to squeeze kernel, nuts, ice, and hole blades are best for nutrient and vitamin extraction.

Moreover, provide overheat and overcharge preservation. Its powerful motor makes RPM AT 23000.

Working with COSORI blender is extremely easy you just have to add ingredients in a container and fit it on a base and select the settings of the button. As it equipped with start/stop, auto, and a pulse button.

Auto mode blends in just 3 seconds with a break of 1 second. For the sake of fast blending press and hold the pulse button.

Having additional equipment includes one storage lid of 2 x 24oz jar and one journey lid of 2 x 12oz container which is good enough for large family members and for on the go trip.

In short, this is one of the most demanding blenders in the market as all the elements of this blender are BPA free its washing is very easy throughout don’t wait and take a chance to enjoy a fully programmed and highly efficient blender at your home.

Notable Features:

  • Having high torque base
  • The powerful motor of 800 watts to blend ingredients
  • Different styles of blades for blending, chopping and crushing.
  • Include additional storage and travel container housed with lids
  • It has only 3 buttons on its base
  • Speed has further three options
  • One container is of 2 x 24oz other of 1 x 12oz
  • All the parts are BPA free
  • Also, have to overheat and overload protection.
  • Working with COSORI Blender is so easy
  • Blades are perfect for extraction of nutrients
  • Its travel container can be take anywhere
  • Easy to wash as all the parts are dishwasher safe
  • Equipped with variable speed choices
  • Anti-slip from bottom
  • Container have no visible measurement marks

#2. Hamilton Beach Soundshield 950 Blender 3-speed

Hamilton beach sound shield blender (53602)

Hamilton beach sound shield blender (53602) is a multipurpose blending machine that serves superbly to blend, chop, and crushes smoothies, salsa, and ice easily with a surprisingly speed housed with three additional programs that offer a different task precisely.

This blender works amazingly with a powerful motor of 950 watts that makes your meal efficiently in a few seconds and you can enjoy delicious drinks at home simply by just making a little effort of adding ingredients in an echo-free blender and select the respective speed and program and make them ready.

Moreover, it 5-speed control option gives you choices to make different liquefy including a one-touch scheme for smoothies, ice crush, and for cleaning purpose.

You just have to blend anything you want and select your speed control option to get your desired meal ready to drink.

Having sharp stainless steel blades apt with a twirl of the collar so that all the residue chunks also blend finely and make fully nutrients drinks which is beneficial for the health.

You can perform mixing, blending, and pureeing with a Hamilton beach multipurpose blender. Its vast blender of almost 52oz is pretty enough for large family members.

One of the most demanding features of Hamilton beach blender is that it is quiet and does not make a piercing sound during processing that normally irritates a person, unlike traditional blenders.

Even it prepares fresh juices, crumb, liquefy, morsel, and condense food items, make a mint margarita, shakes, blended fruits, vegetables, cold coffee, and griding the ice at home by this magical blender without noise.

Its domed lid is valuable that works to continuously pull down the ingredients towards the blades during processing for smooth results. Also technically designed motor consist of a two-piece shield that minimizes the popping sound of solid ingredients while blending.

Furthermore, it transfers the frequency of sound from a higher pitch to a lower pitch.

All the parts including blades, lids, and jars are dishwasher safe and the portable blender is helpful for on the go trip and can be used if only one person has to make a meal at a time. Go and get this miracle blender for your countertop.

Notable Features:

  • The motor of 950 watts
  • Consist of 3 functions for blending (smoothie, ice crush, and clean)
  • Having 5-speed controls
  • Targeted jar shielded with a two-piece sound shield to prevent piercing sound
  • The pitcher is of glass and a maximum capacity of 52oz
  • Additionally one personal jar of 20oz
  • Blades are twirl on both side of the collar
  • All the parts are dishwasher safe
  • The jar is designed to push the ingredients towards the blades
  • Specially designed to extract nutrients from the food
  • Comes with variable speed choices
  • Equipped with multi-blend technology
  • All the parts are dishwasher safe
  • It is one of the durable blender model
  • Having additional portable jar
  • Ease of operating
  • You can talk easily while machine is blending
  • Two-pieces shielded the jar minimizes noise
  • Jar is made of glass that will break if care would not be taken

#3. Keyton Personal Blender with Travel lid – 21oz Portable Sports Bottle

Keyton Personal Blender with Travel lid

Keyton single serve personal blender is a convenience for the people who has a short time in the morning and always in hurry to get out of the door without washing messy blender jar and it’s top.

This blender is specially designed like a portable sports bottle and having a travel lid for on the go trip.

Having a sleek and contemporary design of this particular blender look elegant in your kitchen and always admire as a decoration of countertop.

Also, it consists of a 21-ounce bottle that makes enough liquid for a one time meal or you can take it anywhere like in the gym, park, school, office, and university.

Working with Keyton blender is quite easy you have to perform the childish task to make great green smoothies as you have to put inside all the targeted ingredients and close it firmly with a lid having premium quality blades that blend the chunks of fruit and vegetable evenly and make fully nutrient drinks.

In order to start processing place the bottle on the base of the blender having a powerful motor of 300 watts and fix it properly and press to start processing and release for the sake of stop processing shake the drink accurately and change the lid with travel lid of superior quality and enjoy your desired drink happily.

To conclude, you can say that Keyton’s single-serve personal blender is a superb blender for your health as it extracts all the invisible nutrients and vitamins from fruits.

So get this amazing personal powerful blender and make your life full of ease and comfort.

Notable Features:

  • Having a sleek and smart structure
  • The bottle has a maximum capacity of 21oz
  • Equipped with one-touch technology
  • 300 watts of super motor
  • Easily crushes ice and pulverize frozen fruits
  • 5 x 5 x 15 inches dimension of this single-serve blender
  • Made of superior quality plastic
  • All the parts are BPA free
  • Using this personal blender is quite easy
  • All the equipment’s of this blender are dishwasher safe
  • Portable sport bottle can be take anywhere
  • Anti-slip from bottom
  • Ensure reliability of the machinery
  • Crushes ice easily without having noise
  • Specially certified from UL
  • Bottle have no visible measurement marks

#4. CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Blender Maker

CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Blender Maker

CHULUX smoothie bullet blender maker is a countertop blender with detachable two and six stainless steel blades for grinding and blinding also powerful motor of 1000 watts makes smoothies or drinks like juices shakes and many more full of nutrients and vitamins in a very short period of time.

Therefore, now you can enjoy chopped ice, mixes, smoothies, pulps, shakes, crushed fruits, and vegetables in seconds by just having this excellent CHULUX smoothie bullet blender maker at your home as the best kitchen product.

It is quite reliable and easy to clean as this blender is dishwasher safe. Make great smoothies and blend solids conveniently.

Although the design of this blender is pretty cool you just have to put your targeted item in a blender cup and place it on a base make sure that you locked the blender jar and start processing with the one-touch operation to blend your ingredients properly.

Furthermore, you just have to press the button to start the whole processing in a blender. The base of this tool is housed with large cooling fans that take the heat away from the source.

Excellently designed to make a variety of drinks like milkshakes, juices, smoothies, baby food, cold coffee, coffee beans, nuts, chili, pepper, and butter too instantly in just 30 seconds.

Having an additional jar of 32 & 15oz which is very helpful for on the go trip and for other purposes like in the office, school, and university.

It is a revolutionized model of the blender as you are blunt of using loud hectic blenders of the cheap plastic body whereas, this blender has Die-cast aluminum body of best quality and long-lasting.

Hence, CHULUX smoothie bullet blender is one of the leading blender in a market which completely chopped fruits and preserve its nutrients and vitamins in a drink having silicon pad at its bottom to prevent it from slipping on the shelve while working. Grab your blender and make your life easy and enjoyable.

Notable Features:

  • Two kinds of blades for grinding and blending
  • The powerful motor of 1000 watts
  • Having a sharpened blade to break down solids
  • Housed with one-touch operation
  • It has a press and release technique to start and stop
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free components
  • Include an additional jar of 32 and 15oz
  • jars are made of Tritan material
  • also have spout lids for on the go trip
  • equipped with a lock and unlock feature
  • This blender can be take anywhere
  • Blend as well as chopped the ingredients
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Make smooth drinks of vigilant texture
  • Blend food evenly with sharp blades
  • Easy to clean all the parts
  • Time saving product
  • The start stop button does not work if the blender cup break

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