Best Retro Toaster Ovens

Best Retro Toaster Ovens in 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide

We compare different models of Best retro toaster ovens in 2021 for those people who wants this.

Do you have a big family to feed all at once? Or a lot of guests come to your home? No issues; toaster ovens are here in the market to solve your problems.

Down we present you with the best retro toaster ovens in the market. A toaster oven also can replace multiple products in your kitchens, such as microwave, cooking range, and single toaster. 

Once you start using the toaster oven, no one can go back to the old-style products. Multiple brands in the market are offering toaster ovens. We have selected the best which you can get by trusting us blindly. There are little things that need to be in mind before buying a toaster oven. 

The toaster ovens are in different sizes; some are small, medium, and big. Small toasters are usually utilized for just browning the slice of bread and to reheat the cold items.

Medium toasters can be used for making small 7-inches pizzas or some cookies. Significant toaster ovens are much helpful for big families who want to have a huge number of cooking items. 

Before buying a toaster oven, you need to first notice which sized oven you need on your kitchen countertop. The toaster oven should also have various cooking features, baking, broiling, and toasting. One of the top toasters by Nostalgia provides a coffee maker also. 

The convection airflow in the oven toaster helps make the food an air fryer. The food items are crispier in these toaster ovens than in the microwave. 

List of Top Rated Best Retro Toaster Ovens in 2021

  1. NOSTALGIA BSET300AQ Retro 3-in-1 Toaster Oven
  2. Nostalgia Retro 12-Slice Convection Toaster Oven
  3. Luby Convection Toaster Oven with timer
  4. Nostalgia RTOV2AQ Multi-Functioning Retro Convection Toaster Oven
  5. Elite Gourmet Americana Vintage Diner 50’s Retro Countertop Toaster oven
  6. Homeart Artisan Toaster 4 Slice

1- NOSTALGIA BSET300AQ Retro 3-in-1 Toaster Oven

NOSTALGIA BSET300AQ Retro 3-in-1 Toaster Oven

If you are familiar with a toaster oven, you know how helpful these ovens areas. You can toast your pieces of bread, reheat your cold food, and bake different stuff. Most people utilize this oven on behalf of an entire big-sized oven.

Toaster ovens are usually small, but the Nostalgia BSET300AQ Retro is a 3-in-1 toaster oven that helps housewives to make the full breakfast for the family in one go. 

This toaster oven has a large family-size non-stick griddle on which the user can fry some eggs and sausages. The user can make four cups of coffee with four toasts and some eggs and sausages on the top.

This multi-functioning toaster oven has a timer for half an hour with a glass lid. Besides toasts, it can also include a seven-inch pizza in it, whereas multiple other things can also be baked in it like cookies, cupcakes, etc. 

There are multiple modes on the control panel from where users can select the desired settings. Those who cook only know that cooking is not easy enough, but cleaning out this beast is pretty much easy. 

You just need to grab the trays, wire rack, crumb tray, and non-stick griddle. The dimensions of this oven retro oven are 19.25 x 11.75 x 11.5 inches, and it weighs around 12.00 pounds.

This oven is pretty compact, and it can be adjusted anywhere without any issue. The total power that this monitor is consuming is 1500 watts.

2- Nostalgia Retro 12-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

Nostalgia Retro 12-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

If you have ever used these toaster ovens, you must know how quickly they started heating, and no doubt this is the main feature of these ovens. Another reason is that they are the best microwave alternatives because microwaves make pizza crust soggy when you reheat them. 

The Nostalgia RToV220RETROR ED retro toaster oven can be the best choice for you if you are a family of many members.

In this oven, you can toast 12 slices of bread at once, but that’s not enough. This oven toaster can also bake multiple other things like it can bake cupcakes, and it can also bake two pizzas of 12-inches for you. 

Other than that, this toaster oven is used for baking and toasting, but you can reheat your cold food in it as well, as it won’t make the food soggy. The power of this monster oven is 1500 watts; it has multiple modes that you can use. 

The temperature of this toaster oven is adjustable to 200-450F. This toaster oven also has the heating stages like upper, lower, and off. With the feature of the timer, it has an hour timer bell.

The door of this toaster oven is also seen through, and can you notice that your food is burning or not? 

The dimensions are 18.5 x 15.5 x 11.5 inches, weighing around 15.60 pounds. The cleaning of this oven toaster is not that tough as you just need to remove the trays out of the toaster oven.

3- Luby Convection Toaster Oven with timer

Luby Convection Toaster Oven with timer

Toaster ovens are alternatives for several things in the kitchen. Also, they are pretty compact, so they utilize minimal space for storage. The Luby Convection Toaster oven is pretty gorgeous and red; it easily attracts the buyer’s attention by its looks. 

The Luby toaster oven has a classic stainless steel layout and a trendy see-through glass door.

If you are a family of multiple members, this family-size toaster oven will be the best solution for you.

The items that this beast can fit in are; a 10 inches large pizza, 6 pieces of bread, bacon, egg tarts, and numerous cookies. 

You can toast your bread in this toaster oven, bake your cake, and broil your meat. Other than these perks, this toaster oven comes with a timer also; timer of one hour/60 minutes.

Surprisingly this toaster oven can intake multiple things, but still, it doesn’t utilize much room on the counter. The dimensions of this Luby toaster oven are 17.91 x 11.02 x 11.22 inches, and it weighs around 17.56 pounds. 

The best thing about this oven is that it has a convention fan which rotates the warm air all around the oven inside so the food stays crispy and gets baked properly. This toaster oven is also dishwasher safe as all the trays are removable.

The maximum reached temperature of this oven is 450 degrees, on which you can make any item easily and perfectly.

4- Nostalgia RTOV2AQ Multi-Functioning Retro Convection Toaster Oven

Nostalgia RTOV2AQ Multi-Functioning Retro Convection Toaster Oven

Guests are coming home? Or you want to make a family brunch on Sunday? Then don’t worry, the Nostalgia RTOV2AQ convection toaster oven is a lifesaver for you.

This beast can make you a whole family brunch all in once. This toaster has a compact and sleek design with a vintage tint in its appearance. 

This toaster oven has multiple modes on which you can cook different food varieties. With the help of the dedicated dialer, users can cook different delicious dishes.

When you look at this toaster oven’s essential functions, you can notice that the dial has four options. The options are; bake, toast, broil, and convection bake. 

Along with that, this toaster oven can make you lemon tarts, cakes, pizzas, cookies, and pies for snacking. At a time, you can fit around 12 slices of bread at once in this oven. The best mode in this toaster oven is Broiling Mode; this option can be used to provide an effect of barbeque on your meat. 

This oven temperature is also adjustable as you can set it according to your desire from 200 F degrees to 450 F degrees. Cleaning this Nostalgia oven is not that hard as you can remove all the trays and wash them easily. 

Nostalgia multi-function toaster oven package adds numerous attachments. These accessories are suited for all said 4 modes of cooking and heating. Along with that, this toaster oven offers a warranty of one year.

5- Elite Gourmet Americana Vintage Diner 50’s Retro Countertop Toaster oven

Elite Gourmet Americana Vintage Diner 50’s Retro Countertop Toaster oven

Are you on a hunt to get a large toaster oven with multiple preset modes? Then we have a perfect recommendation for you. The Elite Gourmet Americana Elite Vintage Diner 50’s Retro Countertop toaster oven will provide you every desired feature.

This oven is pretty stylish and looks like a vintage-style toaster oven. The user can cook various delicious foods in it with different modes given on the control panel of the toaster oven.

The vintage design with trendy modern functions is the main reason behind stealing buyers’ hearts. This vintage toaster oven can brighten up the look of your kitchen’s counter shelf. 

With the adjustable temperature feature control from 200 F degrees to 450 F, degrees will help you utilize it according to your wish. Other than that, the feature of adjustable timing will also help you to prevent food from getting burned.

As in, if you put your cake on a 20-minute timer, the toaster oven will shut down on its own. 

What can you make in this toaster oven? It may not be a correct sentence but, what you can’t make in this toaster oven is correct. You can make your brunch, lunch, breakfast, desserts, dinner, and multiple things can be just reheated in it.

Cleaning this toaster oven is not a big deal; just remove the trays, and you can dishwash them also. The dimensions are 17 x 13.75 x 12.25 inches, and it weighs around 11.08 pounds.

6- Homeart Artisan Toaster 4 Slice

Homeart Artisan Toaster 4 Slice

The toasters can be in multiple varieties in the market of various brands. They are not big enough but of the same size as some have the slot for two pieces of bread, and some have the room for only four slices.

Here we have a 4 slice toaster by Homeart Artisan. This compact yet stylish toaster can enhance the beauty of your kitchen by its sleek layout. It is designed as retro style and brushed with stainless steel housing with multiple color varieties. 

There are various options on the control panel for perfect toast, which the user can utilize as per desired texture for the slice. These multiple panels and heating options are also there to control the toasting according to the user’s demand. The multiple options are; Cancel, Defrost, Reheat, a bagel setting, and adjustable browning control. 

Toasters can be a little tricky for cleaning purposes, but you only need to pull off the crumb tray with this toaster, and you can clean it or wash it.

The dimensions of this toaster are 13.4 x 12.9 x 9.1 inches, and it weighs around 8.03 pounds. This compact size toaster can easily fit at any area of your kitchen’s shelf without covering many areas.

How to Select the Best Retro Toaster Ovens

A toaster oven is an essential part of the kitchen as once you start using it, there’s no way back. You can utilize these toaster ovens for multiple purposes, which we can’t even count off.

We all know there are various toaster ovens in the market, which made selection hard for us. Those who have big families to feed toaster ovens are perfect for them to have at home. 

There are some points which are needed to be considered before buying a toaster oven:


For some, aesthetics matters a lot, but if we talk about toaster ovens, they have to live on your kitchen’s shelf, so they need to look sleek and glamorous.

We all know this era is for trendy toaster ovens with stainless steel brushing.

These kinds of toaster ovens look pretty good and enhance your kitchen’s beauty. Above, we have presented the best retro-style toaster ovens.


The capacity or size of the toaster oven depends upon the usage of the product. Just suppose you have a big family. You desire to have a family-size toaster oven to eat all together at once.

But if you have a smaller family or want to use it for only yourself, you can buy a small-sized one with a small capacity oven toaster. Above, we have presented you with the different capacities of toaster ovens. 

Cooking Options:

Various brands provide multiple other cooking options; not everyone has the same qualities, but if we search for toaster ovens, those have similar qualities with the slightest changes.

Of course, the most genuine needed option is toasting a slice, but with other modes, the user can not only toast the slice but can cook a whale meal. Users can bake a pizza, barbecue their meat, make a chicken pot, and bake cakes and cookies. There are multiple functions of cooking a toaster oven can perform. 


Most of the toaster ovens can provide an adjustable timer. The timer is an essential feature as it helps you save time and can save your food from getting burned. The timer can be for 30-mints or an hour, but it’s an essential feature as when the time reaches the toaster oven will turn off by itself. 


The toaster oven should have the feature of adjusting temperature without making it challenging for the user. With this feature’s help, users can bake things according to the desired temperature.

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