Can You Make A Smoothie In a Food Processor? How to

In the summer season we recieved alot of queires about how to make a smoothies in a food processor or blender.

Summer is here and all of us love to enjoy the refreshment of fresh fruits with cold and frosty milkshakes. But EXCUSE ME! Your blender is broken? DON’T WORRY! If you have a food processor you can still make a YUMMY milkshake and morning smoothies easily.

Blenders are definitely the best kitchen appliance to make smoothies and milkshakes but no one needs to be worried about her as if you don’t have a blender. There are abundant ways to make milkshakes and smoothies.

As even though if you don’t have any electric kitchen appliance you can make your smoothie by simply getting a drink shaker, mason jar, or a whisk and bowl.

As other than a blender you can use various things like a drink mixer, food processor and etc.

Can You Make a Smoothie or Milkshakes in a Food Processor?

Blenders are here in the market to mix up the liquid ingredients mostly such as to make purees and smoothies. Usually, blenders are designed up to make liquids ultra-smooth.

Blenders have three or four sharp blades and a large capacity jar, when set up to higher speed can make fresh liquids for you.

Food processors are there in the market to perform more labor work such as it uses for more hard grinding. Most food processors are used for creating butter, chopping vegetables, shredding nuts, and making doughs.

You can use a food processor for multiple things. The main difference can be detected through their shape and design of pitchers and blades.

Now the question is that can we make smoothies in a food processor? So, the answer is YES! You can make a smoothie in a food processor instead of a blender.

You can follow these steps for making a fresh smoothies in a food processor.

  • If you are adding green ingredients in your smoothie go first for them as they are harder to blend.
  • After grinding the green ingredients go for the frozen fruits, add a lot of frozen stuff to make your smoothie cold and icy.
  • Thirdly, you need to add the health boosters or powders, like seeds, fats, coconut oil or raisins. Anything you can add in your smoothie what you like.
  • Last but not the least just add the liquid in your smoothie so it doesn’t look like a paste. Because you don’t want to drink a thick paste, at least the smoothie should be easily drinkable.
  • For the last step just add some kind of sweetener in your smoothie for example honey or sugar. Its totally up to you that you want some sweetness in your smoothie or you just want to taste the actual and natural taste of your smoothie.

How to Make a Milkshake without Blender?

Craving for a milkshake, but don’t have a blender at home? DON’T WORRY! You can make your milkshake without a blender also as there are various ways to make milkshakes if you have no such electric appliance at home.

No Blender, No Worries! Just grab a bowl and a whisk and you are all set to go to make your milkshake.


  • Grab your bowl and put in your ice-cream in it.
  • Mix your ice-cream for few minutes to make it smooth.
  • Then add milk in to your bowl of ice-cream.
  • Mix both ingredients well, you can mix them with a whisk or else if you have an electric mixer you can use that too.
  • Use a spoon and taste test the milkshake if there is need of anything or not.
  • At the end just pour in your milkshake in to the glass and you can add ice or just ice-cream. There you go for your Milkshake!


  • Grab a mason jar and all your ingredients you want to add in your milkshake.
  • Initially, start by microwaving your ice-cream a little bit.
  • Then add the ice cream into the mason jar, and start squishing it by spoon.
  • When your ice-cream gets softened add milk into your mason jar.
  • Close the lid and start shaking the jar until it gets mixed well.
  • Later, take a spoon and start mixing it to make it smoother.
  • After that now its your own choice if you want to put some more ingredients like Oreos or other biscuits you can go for them.
  • Just pour your milk shake in to the glass and start enjoy!

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