Can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in an Air Fryer?

What is an Air Fryer?

Air Fryer is a cooking appliance with the latest technology, as it is somehow similar to oven, just as same it bakes and roasts food. The difference between them both is in their heating elements which are located differently. Air fryers cooks food by itself quickly and smoothly, as whole is cooked evenly. 

They get heated up way faster then other things such as oven or frying pot, as it makes food with less oil and due to its big fans, it makes food crispier. Due to its perfect size and big fan and the placement of the fan makes food tastier as, it cooks dishes by circulating hot air.

Air Fryer is also very easy to clean-up if the baskets or racks are dishwasher safe, if not! No need to worry you can buy a brush which can clean all the curved corners deeply and let the dust out.

Few years ago, Air Fryers become popular among people due to its usage and also it doesn’t need much oil to cook food, its way healthier than the regular deep fryer. Its benefits people to live a healthy life and to enjoy no oil dipped fried chicken.

While making food in an Air-Fryer the person needs to make sure that the food must not be much heavy or must not be overly crowed as there is a chance of being blown out around the cavity. 

People who are fans of an Air-Fryer are in search of new tips and tricks, the most searched questions are; How to use an air-fryer? How to put food in it? Can I put aluminum foil in it? What kind of food can be cooked in it.

Difference between an Air Fryer and a normal Deep Fryer?

As we know, Air Fryer bakes food on High-Heat whereas in Deep-Fryer you need to cook your food in a huge tub filled with oil, in which you have to wait till the temperature of the oil reached to the specific temperature.

The amount of oil we use in a Deep-Fryer makes the food unhealthy, because consumption of this much oily food increases cholesterol and obesity. In Deep-Fryer you have to wait till at least 10 mints whereas in an Air-Fryer there is no such rules of pre-heating.

The requirement of oil in an Air-Fryer is way lesser than food fried in deep-fryer, also the taste is almost same if there is no batter on food. Food in both ways comes out crispier and tastier. As if there is batter coated on food it will not cook properly in an air-fryer as compared to a deep-fryer.

The flavor and appearance of an air fried food is same in results with the deep fryer, “Crispy on the Outside, Juicy on the Inside”.  The giant pitfall of cooking in an Air-Fryer is the space present in it is small as compared to cooking in deep-fryers has more space in them.

Can you put Aluminum Foil in an Air Fryer?

Most of new users of an Air-Fryer, wonder that should you put an aluminum foil into it or not? Here is the answer “Yes”! Anyhow, the concept of how to use aluminum foil is attached to some strings which you need to understand closely and deeply.

Aluminum foil can be use to make food stay hot, as air-fryer is bit similar to microwave, because of that people are a bit scared of using metal stuff in it. As a result, Air-Fryers are safe to use with aluminum foils, but aluminum foil should not stop or covers the fan, if does then the heat will not circulate. 

There are some steps to put aluminum foil in an air fryer which should not be ignored.; here are the steps below

  • Make sure that foil may not cover the whole basket of the air fryer, also the aluminum foil should stay in the bottom of the basket. Aluminum foil should not cover the whole cavity inside the air fryer. If the whole basket is covered with aluminum foil than the air will not pass from the wholes present in the basket.
  • DO NOT! Put aluminum foil under the basket where all greasy particles fell off, if you do this than the air will not move around properly and the food will not taste good.
  • If you put the aluminum foil empty in the Air-Fryer it will start melting due to the heat and will start burning and will be sucked by the heater.
  • You can do it optionally by poking wholes in the wrap to let the heat pass but don’t do it if it contains liquid food.
  • You need to make sure that there is enough food, the basket should not be stuffed with big aluminum wraps, this will make food uncooked and less tasty.

What can be cooked in an Air Fryer?

Air-Fryers are ready-to-cook and fast than as compared to deep-fryers, once you need to know the trick how it works things will get way easier than ever. As in deep- fryer a lot of oil is disposed off as it will not use again or it get ruined because you fried some Beef Kebabs. 

In Air Fryer, mostly people bake chicken wings or cook delicious deserts for their loved ones. Air-Fryers can cook frozen foods, whereas in it you can also cook fresh items like vegetables, chicken, steak, fish, fries etc. 

Some of the meat-cuts require zero oil, because they already have juice in them, you can season them with dry seasoning which will make it crispier to eat and enjoy. You can put vegetable oil on chicken breast pieces to make it juicier and tastier. 

You can toss your broccoli in oil before putting it in an Air-Fryer, then sprinkle some salt over it and enjoy it with your meal. It can perfectly melt your cheese if you are thinking to make grill-cheese sandwich or it will fulfill your Sweet-Tooth by making remarkable S’mores for snacks. 

Most of the people love to cook French fries on a daily basis or drum stick for their lunch. As any thing made in an air-fryer taste better than anything. People mostly cook frozen foods like nuggets, patties or something like this, whereas an air-fryer has not any restriction of cooking food.

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