Can you put ice in a food processor?

Many food processor buyers have the same question i.e can you put ice in a food processor for making smoothies?

Summers are already here, we all now experience sunny days and windy nights. Now we all want to enjoy slushies in afternoons, and it seems easy to crush ice but that’s not enough easy.

Now the question is which machine is there for us to crush ice for us. Without a single doubt if you think that you can crush ice into a food processor then you are right!

You can never underestimate a food processor as they are actually made up to do hard labor.

Can you Crush Ice in a Food Processor?

The answer to this question is YES! Without wasting a second. A food processor can do any job for you, even though surprisingly you can get different shapes of ice from it.

As you can crush use ice for your cocktails and you can also shave your ice for slushes, it is all up to you what you want from your food processor.

Even though except crushing ice you can also make frozen desserts in a food processor also.

Even though if you have a powerful food processor, still don’t put a big amount of ice in your food processor as it can damage your machine.

Start by putting small batches of ice as honestly speaking no doubt a food processor can crush ice for you but technically, they are not made for crushing ice. This act might damage your machine.

No doubt food processors are known best for grinding and crushing but everything in the market comes with a limit.

Although the answer is YES! That you can crush ice in a food processor but there’s still a dependency on the maker as your food processor is able to crush the ice or not?

Some hefty and sturdy food processors can easily crush ice for you without damaging the blades and jar, but some fragile food processors can’t handle the ice crushing.

How to Crush Ice in a Food Processor?

There are no such hard and fast rules to crush ice in a food processor or there is no such kind of rocket science in crushing ice in a food processor.

All you need is just to be careful while crushing ice in a food processor as their blades are not specifically made for crushing ice. Food processors don’t handle the liquid stuff as for liquid things, blenders are made.

You can easily crush ice in a food processor by using following methods:

  • Initially, you need to make sure that the ice should be in cubes.
  • If your ice isn’t in cubes then firstly crush it by yourself.
  • As if you are in the mood of crushing a lot of ice then make sure you have to crush it in batches.
  • Grab a few cubes of ice and place them inside the food processor.
  • Once you started the machine make sure you take intervals in between crushing.
  • Strain down the excess water from the food processor.
  • There you GO! All your ice is now ready to serve.


There is no such big wrong in crushing ice in a food processor, but being a wise person, the suggestion is not to crush ice in a food processor as it is not made for this purpose.

The noise will be excessively loud while crushing ice in a food blender. Other than crushing ice in a food processor you can have other more alternatives to crush ice.

As when you are crushing ice in a food processor the ice cubes will start flying inside the pitcher, which can damage the food processor and break it down. So, crushing ice cannot be the best idea.

For instance, you can crush ice in a tea towel, with a rolling pin and just by putting it in a plastic bag and hitting with a heavy object.

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