Can You Use a Blender Instead of a Food Processor?

Blender can give you so many facilities same as a food processor can give but with only one problem that the batches will remain smaller than a food processor in a blender.

If you are OK with smaller batches you can easily work with a blender instead of a food processor. Although it’s a good idea to have both of them in your kitchen both can give a similar purpose to you.

Can You Use a Blender Instead of a Food Processor?

Some of the beginners in cooking misunderstood that food processors and blenders are same, they may look same or some of their features are similar but they perform differently or have noticeable other features that can set them apart.

As the main intention of a blender is to blend liquids as when you turn on your blender it produces a swirl that puts all the ingredients to come across in the center then the blade blends out all ingredients.

A food processor is a versatile kitchen appliance that can perform a lot of function with different type of attachments such as for baking ingredients, batters, grinding, slicing or mincing meat etc.

Food processors come with those attachments mostly that can perform baking jobs but nowadays blenders can also knead the dough for you.

The answer to the question given above is that it depends upon the user as if that particular person is OK with smaller batches than YES you can use a blender instead of a food processor.

Food Processor vs Blender

We know that a blender can be the best option if you want to use it with the ingredients that have more liquid in them like if you want make smoothies or hot creamy soups. A food processor can be mainly used for those items that need more labor and hard work such as chopping, slicing or mincing.

Whereas, both of these kitchen appliances have motor in them and use for mixing and grinding different stuff or ingredients, but it doesn’t mean they are identical or can work on behalf of each other.

A blender is considered more powerful that it can crush anything deep into it whereas a food processor doesn’t crush the items properly as it is mainly used for chopping solid items into chunks or to slice vegetables.

A blender is known best for mixing hot or cold ingredients to make a wonderful smoothie or soups, dips and salsas. Food processors can make any food in to a fine mess whereas blenders don’t have this feature.

The noticeable difference between these products is in their attachments as specifically by their blades. So now most of the blenders have only one fixed blade in the pitcher whereas in food processors there are different kind of attachments available for different tasks.

What Can You Use Instead of a Food Processor?

Food processor in itself is a versatile machine, but you can use a blender in substitute of a food processor. Certainly, you have to be careful with the amount of ingredients as a food processor can handle much more ingredients than a blender can.

Technically, you need to be ready for the fact that the results won’t be as similar to the food processor.

Here are some tips you can use while using a blender instead of a food processor:


Veggies can be get chopped in the blender with the help of a tamper. As with the support of tamper the vegetables can be pushed downwards due to which the vegetables can be cut easily by the blender.

With the force of tamper cutting vegetables in blenders can be done without any hassle.

Bread Crumbs:

Get some slices of bread and tore them apart in to small pieces. Later put these pieces inside the blender and press the pulse button if your blender has the option of pulse in it.

You need to allow the blender to work for a mint with interval of 30 seconds, other than if your blender doesn’t come up with the feature of Pulse Button than just run your blender on its maximum.

Baby Food:

You can make the food for your baby in a blender at home but you need to be careful with the ingredients you put into a blender that it doesn’t have the same capacity or same features as a food processor does have.

Just put maximum one cup of freshly cooked vegies in the pitcher and turn your blender on at the highest speed to get a smooth texture out of the mixture.

Shredded Cheese:

Grab you chef’s knife and cut the pieces of your cheese into two inches each then add those pieces into the blender and allow it to work on the intervals of 30 seconds.

You need to use your blender on pulse feature other than just use it on its highest to get the texture of cheese you want.

Crushed Ice:

Try to put maximum five to six cubes of ice in to the pitcher, remember not more than that as your blender isn’t powerful as your food processor. So, just put your blender on the maximum and crush the ice easily.


The industrial blenders can be better for kneading as they have better curved blades, whereas a home-blender has more of the sharp blades which are not suitable for kneading of a dough.

Final Thoughts

Every gadget in this world definitely is invented for their unique use, if blenders can work same like food processors then why some one would launch a food processor.

So, the point is that every appliance works for their own specific purpose in urgent needs you can use a blender instead of a food processor but it won’t give you the perfect result as a food processor can.

As, most of the blenders doesn’t come with so many features some may have 3 blades or some expensive ones have 6 blades.

Some blenders come along with the pulse feature most of doesn’t so it all depends upon the quality of your blender. Anyhow the wise advice can only be this you need to buy both of the kitchen appliances.

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