How to Start a Charcoal Grill Without Lighter Fluid

How to Start a Charcoal Grill Without Lighter Fluid?

Grilling is something that doesn’t need to be explained, we all have seen it done by Mom and Dad while growing up.  All those hypnotizing memories about all those juicy burgers, spicy hot dogs, red meat, and sizzling drumsticks. 

That aroma of smoke spreading everywhere, all those mesmerizing memories. Grilling can be in our blood but you might say that it is naturally present talent in someone.

The dry heat method of cooking lots of meat and different kind of foods on it is known as grilling.  Everyone at home has a good kitchen inside, but when it comes to about to party people love to do outdoor sitting arrangements. 

Cooking out helps you make all your senses work, as the sense of smell (smelling the tasty meat), the sense of sight (enjoying by watching the natural view), the sense of taste (by eating the delicious food).

People who go out for picnics mostly do Barbeque or Grilling, by gathering a lot of stuff meat, burgers, veggies, or drinks they sometimes forget Lighter Fluid, but you Don’t need to PANIC! As using lighter fluid is not healthy to be used, for your food.

Lighter fluid also disturbs the taste of your food, the thing is that why to compromise over taste? When you spend a lot on the perfect grill and buy an expensive steak, liquid fluid might bring nastiness into the taste of the food.

Some more about liquid fluid is that it’s quite crazy to handle one wrong spark and it will burn down everything, it also contains some particles which are harmful to the environment.

The funny thing can be this when you have simple natural uses of starting fire then why buy such expensive lighter fluids. There’s nothing to worry about stuff if you don’t know the alternatives of how to light up the charcoal without a lighter fluid.

How to light charcoal without Lighter Fluid?

Lighting up the coals without a lighter fluid is not that hard, you just need to remember all the alternatives you will learn here. If you are in search of the most eco-friendly tricks over here you must be at the right place, which will make you experience the true taste of your grilled food.

By using Twigs:

The best way to light up your charcoal is to use dry small and tiny branches of the trees or bushes. All you need is some “Dry Twigs”, some matchbox, some paper, and a bucket. 

Initially, you need to fill up your basket with water in case of any emergency when a fire will be blown out. Later you need to scramble or wad up some pieces of newspaper, remember the newspaper balls should not be much tight but loose, amounts of newspaper definitely depends upon the cavity present inside the grill. 

Afterward, as you gathered some branches, those twigs should not be green but brown and also not wet because in that case, it will be hard to fire them up. You need to focus on that the twigs should also not be more than half-inch in diameter. 

When you are putting the branches inside make sure that you should not cover the whole newspaper with twigs leave some space empty over the newspaper. 

By using a Chimney Starter:

Next, you can start your grill fire with a chimney starter, in terms of using a chimney starter you need to pack it with charcoals. If you need to get it to a certain temperature quickly in a small amount of time you need to cover it up with a shield. 

Chimneys usually take time to heat up the coal is normally 15 to 20 minutes and making it hot much to cook on it. 

You can use an electric Charcoal Starter:

There is another name for electrical charcoal is “Charcoal Iron”, it considered a great piece of attachment to light up your charcoal in small time. There are both pros and cons for this type of chimney starter as it doesn’t need any twigs, or newspaper balls, or any lighter or matchstick, but you need to find a switch or power socket nearby you. 

There are few steps to follow to start up an electric charcoal starter, initially, you need to gather some charcoal pieces inside the cavity present in the grill. Next, you need to assemble the electric starter and put some more charcoal on top of the iron rod. All the process of heating will only take 8 to 10 minutes.

You can light up charcoal with cooking oil:

You can definitely start a fire with cooking oil or cooking spray, all you need is some newspaper balls coated with oil. You can force them inside the tissue paper cones and then you can light up each cone respectively. This method may get fail twice but it will work. 

You can light up charcoal without a chimney starter:

There is no hard and fast rule to add a chimney, as you can start a fire without this equipment by simply ignoring it and adding the newspapers, or twigs simply into the charcoal grate. 

You simply need to put all paper balls or thin branches of the trees into the middle part of the charcoal grate or can put the coals around your newspaper in a pyramid shape, then simply light it up and enjoy grilling.

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