Ninja Blender BL610 vs NJ600 – Difference & Comparison

The blender comes in different models and people want to pick the best one but they must need to comparison first and here we make a detailed comparison between Ninja Blender BL60 vs NJ600 model.

These models offer the best services in juicing and blending different things for their home use. You can easily see how much watt motor they gave and which one is perfect for you according to your usage after reading this comparison.

Ninja BL610 vs Ninja Professional NJ600

In search of a new blender for your kitchen, but not sure which one to buy, or are you indecisive over these two blenders by SharkNinja which one to buy; Ninja BL610 and Ninja Professional NJ600. We all know Ninja is a brand that sells common household items like vacuums and blenders.

Ninja has so many varieties but these are definitely one of the top professional blenders both are best at their own position. Two of them have some similarities and some differences which we are going to discuss in this article.

As both of these blenders has three speed controls; low, medium, and high for a different type of blending.

Comparison Chart between Ninja BL610 vs Ninja Professional NJ600

SpecsNinja BL610Ninja Professional NJ600
Dimension9.5 x 7.5 x 17 inches8x 7 x 17 inches
Weight7.1 Pounds7.2 Pounds
Power1000 Watts1000 Watts
Speed SettingsLow, Medium, HighSpeed 1,2,3
Pitcher Size72-ounce72-ounce
Total Crushing TechnologyYesYes
Dough BladeYesNo
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Recipe BookYesYes

Features Difference of Ninja BL610 and Ninja Professional NJ600

These two models by Ninja have some similarities and differences also on the other hand. Here below we are going to discuss their features which can be similar and can be different.

Speed Control:

In contrast between the models Ninja BL610 and Ninja Professional NJ600 the written speed knobs are different as in BL610 there are three; low, medium and high and in NJ600 the knobs are 1,2,3 which make NJ600 bit confusing.


Most of the Ninja Blenders have this pulse feature, as you can blend the nuts or coffees. This pulse feature works in more high speed and with better quality and allows you make food according to your wish, as it helps making salsas and sauces in which you want chunks. As it can just chop vegetables for you without any problem.


Ninja brand offers the total crushing technology in these blenders due to the super-sharp blades. There are in total six blades in these blenders that can crush everything out in few seconds.

Anyhow, these blades are rust-resistant and are durable. Ninja BL610 comes up with the dough blade feature whereas Ninja BJ600 doesn’t come up with this feature.

Power Performance:

Ninja Bl610 and Ninja BJ600 both of them offers an outstanding performance without any doubt as former and latter have the peak of 1500-Watts motor base.

The motor of these blenders allows you to work only for a mint just don’t run these machines for more than a minute, as a pro-tip make only those recipes in which you only need the blend of 30-45 seconds.

Jar Capacity:

For pitcher capacity both are similar in this point as they are 72-ounce and made up with BPA-Free plastic quality and has scratch-resistant as well.

Though being the capacity of 72-ounce still the pitcher liquid capacity is 64 ounce, but don’t worry it still much enough for making smoothies for large batch. This jar comes up with lid lock and along with that it has a spout lid, so you can easily pour the drinks into the glasses.


Both of these blenders are very easy to clean as you don’t have to risk out your fingers by putting them inside the blades to clean the sticky material out of the pitcher. As two of them are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.


The dimensions are slightly different, as Ninja NJ600 dimensions are 8 x 7 x 17 while the dimensions of Ninja BL610 are 9.5 x 7.5 x 17. There is not any huge difference but slightly different.

Noise Level:

When you are using Ninja BL610 then you it has a little advantage over the Ninja BJ600 as BJ600 is quite louder than BL610. BL610 is less nosey than Ninja BJ610.


 You have seen the features explained above but if we compared the prices of these two models the price of BL610 is slightly less than BJ600.


The warranty on which both of the blenders by Ninja Professional come has a one-year warranty, as without any doubt it can last for at least 4 to 5 years if you use it wisely.


Ninja NJ600 and Ninja BL610 both of them are professional grade blenders, as they offer you the best features to take advantage from them. two of them without any hesitation are the need of the kitchen. Somehow both of them are quite similar in design and most of the features.

If you are confused about which one to buy the main noticeable point is definitely that one is cheaper and louder or one is pricey but quieter. Although two of these can do the work almost similar to each other.

Other than these two points it’s hardly anything that is different and makes the decision complicated.

Ninja BL610 is a little superior model to Ninja NJ600 moreover, Ninja BL610 is newer than NJ600. The warranties are only one year long, but they can work for longer if they were used wisely.

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