What are Pallet Grills

What are Pellet Grills? Electric, Charcoal, Gass

Do you want to know What are Pellet Grills? We’ve all the information you need.

You must have heard about smoke grills, gas grills or kitchen ovens, but there is another product here which combines all those features in one item. They are known as eallet Grills; they use for grilling steaks; chicken or meat. 

Pellet grills works through plugging into any household standard outlet, and burns out the shredded pieces of hard wood. The controller inside the grill works according to the recommended demand as it lights up only those pellets which needed to be burn to produce specific heat according to the settings.

They are famous among people due to their wood-fire all-natural flavor, without bothering the issues of looking after continuously the smoker. 

Working of a Pellet Grill:

All you need is to set a temperature on the digital controller to maintain a specific heat to cook the food. Computer inside the pellet grill is quite intelligent and it will automatically adjust the number of pellets to burn up according to the need.

There is a burn cup inside the pellet grill, in burn cup there is a rod, a small hot rod that heats up the pellets, and then they slowly start to burn and smoke. A heat diffuser is also present there to protects the food from getting burn and above that there is a grease drip tray which catches any drippings from the grease. 

American Made Pellet Grills:

Most of the things in home or electric appliances which are of an American brand or retailer, the fact is that they are made in some other countries, most probably China. The main reason behind this is that to save the margin to cover the manufacturing cost.

To give their customers an affordable product, and by deducting the dealer’s percentages, with all this to save a lot of profit they use other countries to make their products.

With low manufacturing cost, many of these smokers and pellet grills are also made in China whereas, there are still some pellets which made in USA. American made pellet grills are given below;

  • Smokin’ Brothers
  • Blaz’n Grill Works
  • Yoder Smokers
  • Cookshack (Full Stainless Steel)
  • Memphis (Full Stainless Steel)
  • Twin Eagles (Full Stainless Steel)

Smokin’ Brothers Pellet Grills; was initially presented in 2008 and is a business owned by a family. Their aspiration was to produce a wood pellet which can be used in family gatherings or BBQ competitions. 

Blaz’n Grill Works; the founder of this has started his journey with competitions in BBQ, later on he thought he would invent his own brand of pellet grills. They offer a good list of accessories and lot of customizations along with their pellet grills.

MAK GILLS; here comes another family-owned business, which came across in 2008, based in Dallas. They made high quality premium wood pellet grills. MAK GRILLS wanted to make their pellet grills to be the best as by using top materials in it, to make it different from others.

Twin Eagles; if you are searching for best smokers or pellet grill in the market then Twin Eagles have the outstanding ones with low prices. They use the highest quality stainless steel to make their pellets or smokers.

Yoder Smokers; it was started on 2008 in Yoder, Kansas. They have the most heavy-duty pellets, made up of 14- and 10-gauge steel, that you can just bought now. Their smallest pellet weights 255 pounds! Through which you can see how heavy pellet they sell.

Cookshack; origin was in Ponca City; Oklahoma and they are producing their electric smokers since 1960s. They make their products with stainless steel, with a feature of four cooking zone design.  

Pellet Grill VS Gas Grill:

The gigantic difference between the pellet grill and a gas grill is that “The Flavor”! As pellet grills have shredded pieces of hardwood in them, when they start burning, they a sweet and natural smoky flavor to your food you cook inside it.

Whereas, if you cook in a gas grill or a charcoal grill it won’t give you the same texture and essence of the food. The developers of Traeger says that, “The smoke acts as a wholly separate seasoning, adding a deeper and more robust flavor to whatever you decide to cook.”

Pit Boss Pellet Grills:

Wood pellet grills are known for their good flavor given to your food, which you mostly don’t get from traditional gas or charcoal grills. This unique flavor of wood pellets come from sawdust of hardwood. Pit Boss Pellet Grill, has a high temperature of around 500 degrees. You can also cook your food at a “Low-and-Slow” smoker. 

Pit Boss Pellet Grill comes up with a digital controller for more accurate settings of temperature. Their pellet grills are less expensive than Traeger ones, as both have quite similar manufacturing system.

Pit Boss Grill was founded in 1999, and it produces a large range of grilling attachments, it also includes charcoal and gas grills, but without a single doubt they are known best for their pellet grills. 

They have the most affordable prices for their pellet grills with same best system as those which are expensive brands. You can find any size from bigger to smaller in their shop, also it makes portable grills for out door events. 

It now comes with the technology of Bluetooth and WiFi, through which you can use it and adjust it according to your wish. Pit Boss Grills turns the sawdust to an unusable material, but with this people haven’t shown much concern. 

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